Team _ Gary Polk, Ping Wang, Wing Cheng, Jinah Kim

Schenk-Woodman ‘Monuments’ Competition // Spring 2015

The city of Philadelphia is home to a vibrant music scene that played an important role in the history of both Pennsylvania and the nation. With deep roots in many genres ranging from jazz and soul to opera and even irish traditional folk, Philadelphia channels its social spirit through its love for music.

Philadelphia Soul aims to champion this spirit through its elegant fluidity and weaving of the Delaware to Fishtown’s urban fabric.

The design consists of two elements: a pier that acts as an extension of it’s parks and venues, and a central structure that commemorates the music scene while doubling for a series of concert halls and stages. The pier contains facilities ranging from green space to office space to cultural zones, and compliment’s the center structure’s stage with its amphitheater arrangement. The central, likewise, consists of art galleries that snake their way through the form’s tunnels, ending with a stage at each distinct tunnel. Each stage is aimed at one of Philadelphia’s biggest and most historic music venues, mimicking the venue’s music style and replicating the spirit of music to its adjacent parkscapes.

As an ode not only to the city’s historical music venues but to the city’s urban sprawl, Philadelphia Soul revitalizes Fishtown and the site’s infrastructural circumstances, and acts as both a local and city-wide beacon of social stimulation.